Our life today…2022

The New Benedictine Community is a dispersed, active, praying, and service oriented group of Professed Monastics who follow the Rule of St Benedict alongside many other cloistered and dispersed communities in the world.

Our members come from the USA, Mexico, Spain, and the UK. We are a small community as was the original vision of Benedict himself in the Rule. (less than 12).

We gather weekly (x2) times online for the Monastic Office and Monthly for Chapter and Yearly physically as a community.

Our Monastic Enclosure is our home and our service to community in our local settings and surrounding. As is tradition in Benedictine life, we are both lay and ordained (priests and deacons). We are Ecumenical in Spirit (though most of us active Anglican/Episcopal church goers.

We are also married, straight, single, LGBTQ+, young and old. An inclusive community of women and men. This reflects our polity.

We are active participating members in NEACC/CAROA the official leadership group of dispersed and cloistered Religious in the Americas (Anglican/Episcopal) in process of canonical recognition in the ECUSA


Our life is a committed life to each other as community and to the world in active service.

We are happy to entertain inquirers who are willing to join us weekly in prayer and discernment of their vocation


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