Monthly Reflections on the Rule of Benedict

· September- Prayer- What do you seek in your prayer and what is your greatest challenge to a regular prayer life?· October- Service- Whose feet do you wash and do you ever serve someone who cannot repay your kindness?

· November- Community- Who is community for you and how well do you let them know you?

· December- Conversion- What change is needed in your heart and life?

· January- Obedience- To whom do you listen, especially when you have already made up your mind about something?

· February- Stability- What is enduring and constant in your life?

· March- Balance- How’s that working out for you?

· April- Hospitality- Who is it difficult for you to accept and embrace?

· May- Study- What are you learning about on a daily basis and are you curious?

· June- Zeal- Where is your passion found?

· July- Undivided Focus- Is there anything in your life that allows you to dissolve into the moment?

· August- Daily Rhythm- How do you experience the day and the seasons?  



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