Benedictine Living Inventory

Benedictine Living Inventory
Here are some of the major themes of Benedictine life.  They can help to regularly  reflect, discuss, and think upon how we live our lives as Monastics and Christians in General

Prayer- What do you seek in your prayer and what is your greatest challenge to a regular prayer life?

Service- whose feet do you wash and do you ever serve someone who cannot repay your kindness?

Community- Who is community for you and How well do you let them know you?

Conversion- What change is needed in your heart and life?

Obedience- To whom do you listen, especially when you have already made up your mind about something?

Stability- what is enduring and constant in your life? (Dec)

Balance- how is that working out for you?

Hospitality- who is it difficult to accept and embrace?

Study- what are you learning about on a daily basis and are you curious?

Zeal- where is your passion found?

Undivided focus- Is there anything in your life that allows you to dissolve into the moment?

Daily Rhythm- how do you experience the day and the seasons?

Benedictine Values for reflection

Modesty….(dress, attitude, talk, laughter)

Gelassenheit/serenity and tranquility. Composure


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